Company Profile

Tung Jui Yih Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991.

Initially, it was a turning and milling composite processing factory. In order to improve the competitiveness of the overall enterprise OEM/ODM, it gradually added [zinc alloy die-casting], [aluminum alloy die-casting], [copper and aluminum alloy forging], [precision plastic injection molding], and [aluminum extrusion]. ], [Metal Stamping], [Precision Machining Parts] Manufacturer. The customer groups served include well-known brand manufacturers from Japan, Germany, France, the United States, etc.。

Our company offers OEM products, including precision machining services for a variety of industries such as sanitary ware, automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, lock, construction hardware, gift parts, and other hardware processing components. Tung Jui Yih adheres to the concepts of positivity, integrity, improving production competitiveness, pursuing excellence and sustainable management, and actively achieves its mission of customer delivery.

Tung Jui Yih has more than 30 years of development technology and production experience to provide one-stop services from product design, mold development, product manufacturing to assembly and shipment, thereby achieving the goal of rapid shipment and reducing customer development and personnel costs. Tongrui Yi adheres to providing customers with the most complete services and the best quality, and continuously improves its goals and quality management.

Mold development


In recent years, automation equipment and the industrial Internet have been continuously introduced to implement key parameters and real-time monitoring of equipment during the production process to ensure smooth production and stable product quality.


機器 機器


Business philosophy

Enhance core values ​​and strengthen competitiveness
Positive and honest principles to ensure sustainable operations

quality control 經營理念 w
Value core

The opportunities and advice given by customers to cooperate with Tung Jui Yih are the biggest driving force for our growth. Tung Jui Yih adheres to the principle of professional technology and quality first, constantly requires innovation and progress, and with a heart of gratitude and feedback, Tongruiyi hopes that Tongruiyi Will always be your most loyal and trustworthy partner.