Quality Advantages

Mass production stage process quality control-QC

Each of our process stages has detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) that comply with the ISO9001 quality system as instructions for processing by operators and inspection standards by quality controllers.


quality control

In order to ensure and improve the quality of products, various management activities are carried out, including: quality inspection, analysis, statistics and regular equipment calibration and other controls to prevent the outflow of defective products and produce high added value in the most cost-effective way. and quality products that meet all quality requirements。

 ∣ Inspect
IQC (Incoming Quality Control)、IPQC(In Process Quality Control Section)、OQC( Out-going Quality Control) Mainly responsible for supervising and managing product processes and product quality inspection to ensure that the quality of the output products meets the requirements. We use sophisticated measuring equipment for precise inspections and use the AQL sampling model for inspection frequency standards to ensure the consistency of each product quality standard and carry out effective and reasonable control.
∣ Testing
Tung Jui Yih Arrange a series of tests on components, materials, and finished products, including Life Testing, Salt/Fog Testing, Torque Testing, Heavy Drop Testing, and Performance Testing, to enhance product stability, identify key output variables, and use SPC Monitor and manage the production parameters in each process in order to make the most accurate prevention and improvement.
∣ Instrument Management
Regularly calibrate all measuring tools and instruments, and only use the instruments and measuring tools after passing the calibration management standards.
∣ Document Control Center
Follow the procedures for document execution and process control established by ISO 9001:2015. Provide standard operating procedures and standard inspection procedures as the basis for quality control, control and mitigate production risks and critical deviations, and effectively maintain production quality.